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Hippo Bag Collection Cost:

Wondering How Much A Hippo Bag Collection Costs Near You?

Mammoth waste collect HippoBags and any other brand of skip bag/ grab bag/ bulk bag From Just £89!

Hippo Bags vs Mammoth Bags:

On average mammoth waste are around half the price of hippo!

Mammoth Bags:HIPPO Bags:
Mini Bag Cost:£89£119.99
Mega Bag Cost:£119£229.99
Delivery Cost:Free£5.99
Time To Collect:Next Day5-10 Days
Time To Fill:12 months6 months
Minimum Access Width:2.5 metres4 metres
*Prices correct as of January 2024
Hippo bag collection cost basingstoke

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Why Choose Mammoth?

Mammoth waste are a local trusted company. We use smaller vehicles than our competitors meaning we can access places that they cant. We also offer next day collections for any brand of skip bag you may have.

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Hippo Bag Collection FAQs

Are Hippo Bag Collections Cheaper Than Skip Hire?

Hippo bag collections may be cheaper than hiring a skip however this is dependant on a number of factors such as type, volume and weight of the items you are disposing of.

How Much Weight Can A Hippo Bag Carry?

Hippo waste allow 1000kg in their Midi bags and 1500kg in their mega bags and hippo skip bags. However if you are booking a collection of your hippo bag through us please be aware we have a maximum weight limit of 1000kg for all our hippo bag collections.

Where Can You Place A Hippo Bag Near Me?

A HippoBag is much more versatile than a skip. Not only can hippobags be place everywhere than a standard builders skip can be placed but they can also be placed where skips can not.

How Long Does It Take For A Grab Bag Collection?

Grab bag collections can be booked as early as the next working day through us however other grab bag collection companies may take up to 2 weeks to make a bag collection.

How Big Is A Hippo Bag?

There are 3 different sized hippo bags that can be purchased: midi bag, mega bag and hippo skip. Mammoth bags also come in 3 different sizes which match these but are named: mini bag, mega bag and mighty bag.

Can I Put Plasterboard In A Hippo Bag?

Hippo do accept plasterboard/ gypsum in their waste bags however this must be segregated from other materials for example: Placing the plasterboard waste inside a sealed bag. At mammoth waste we can collect plasterboard however we also ask that it is seperated and there is a small surcharge for plasterboard/ gypsum waste material.