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Already Have A Hippo Bag That You Need Collecting?

We can collect all types of grab bag such as hippo bags, tonne bags, builders sacks etc

What Skip Bags Can We Collect?

Hippo Bags

Clearabee Bags

Tonne Bags

Grab Bags

Bulk Bags

Hippo Bags vs Mammoth Bags

Mammoth Bags:HIPPO Bags:
Mini Bag Cost:£89£119.99
Mega Bag Cost:£119£229.99
Delivery Cost:Free£5.99
Time To Collect:Next Day5-10 Days
Time To Fill:12 months6 months
Minimum Access Width:2.5 metres4 metres
*Prices correct as of December 2023
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What Are Skip Bags?

Why Buy A Mammoth Bag?

Faster Than Skip Hire!

Better Value Than A Skip!

We Recycle 95%*

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Mammoth Bags FAQs

Where Can I Place My skip Bag For Collection?

Skip bags can be placed anywhere within 3 metres of suitable parking for a 3.5 tonne crane vehicle (luton van size) our cranes are able to lift up to 1000kg in weight and over obstacles such as walls and fences under 1.2 metres in height.

How Big Are Your Collection Vehicles?

Mammoth skip bags use smaller collection vehicles than other companies such as hippo waste meaning we can access places they cant. All our collection vehicles are 3.5 tonne-7.5 tonne ford transit sized vehicles fitted with cranes capable of lifting up to 1000kg of weight

Do We Collect Hippo Bags In Basingstoke?

Yes we do offer hippo bag collections and also collect any other brand of bag. Please see our terms and conditions for prohibited items and weight allowances

Are Mammoth Bags Recyclable?

Mammoth bags are made from polypropylene and are 100% recyclable. They are also made from 30% recycled product.

How Do I Order A Mammoth Bag?

If your looking to order a mammoth bag this can be done on our website by choosing a bag size above and filling in a short form with your delivery address we will then deliver your mammoth skip bag the very next working day!

Are Mammoth Bags Cheaper Than Hiring A Skip?

If you have smaller amounts of waste materials such as Hardcore & Soil from a garden renovation or a small amount of DIY waste then mammoth bags are better value for money when compared to a skip.

Can I Put Plasterboard In A Mammoth Bag?

Unlike other local and national skip bag collection companies we do allow platerboard waste to be collected in our bags. However additional charges apply for plasterboard waste.

Do We Collect Other Grab Bags?

Mammoth Waste Collect ANY type of grab bag, bulk bag, builders bag, hippo bag, clearabee bag or skip bag. However all bags collected must be safe to lift and undamaged. If you are unsure please contact the team and we will be able to help!

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